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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the plans work?

It’s simple. The plans are completely prepaid. You pay for 30 days of service (Monitoring, Node Backup, Managed Node) and at the end of the allocated period, you owe the next amount if you want to continue service. Plans can be upgraded or downgraded as the client sees fit. No contracts or obligations.

How do payments work?

Time for this service is prepaid. If you want 30 days of monitoring, you pay in 30 day increments. You can pre-pay up to 12 months of service.

How much service time can be purchased?

12 months is the maximum prepaid amount for services rendered.

Are there refunds?

Because this service is prepaid, all sales are final. The only exception is if we fail to uphold our obligations with successful & quality services.

What are your buisness hours?

Formally, Monday thru Friday, 9am to 4pm EST. However, most of our admins are online quite often, come join Discord or Telegram and I’m sure an admin will be online

How do I access the node health portal?

Please visit – Credentials are provided to clients only and should have been provided upon signup.

What are the best ways to contact admins at

Please contact us by either joining Discord, Telegram, or by emailing us here:

How does the backup node work?

In order for a backup service node to operate properly, I need to have access to your server “key”. This “key” file allows me to start up your backup node, nothing more. This does not give me access to your coins.

Do you have access to my coins?

No. Regardless if it’s a backup node or a full managed node, I never have access to your coins.

Are there any discounts for having multiple nodes?

Yes! Please visit