Managed Service Nodes & 24/7 Node Monitoring

Protect your investment. We do all the work with our managed service node plan. We also offer monitoring, email alerts if node down, and automatic spin up of your node if it crashes.

Email alerts straight to your smart phone that let you know if your node goes offline or is experiencing  problems.

We run monitoring on your node 24/7. If it goes down, we spin up a copy of your node instantly to insure you stay connected and online.

We can run the node until you say otherwise, or, we can kill the node on our side once your node comes back online and is stable.

Our managed service node plans take away all the work. We build, host, manage and monitor your node 24/7.

Real time reporting allows you to see detailed information on your node online.

Our plans start at just $0.99 per node, per month. Cryptocurrencies of course are accepted as payment 🙂


Super Simple Pricing.

MasterNode Management

If your node goes offline, you are at risk.

Proof of Stake

POS requires your coins to be staked for a period of time. Typically, if your node goes offline for more than the allotted amount of time, your coins are locked for the remainder of the staking period.

Uptime Monitoring + Automated Node Recovery

Pings are constantly being sent to your node to test it’s validity 24/7. If an issue is detected, our service not only automagically restores your node, but an admin is alerted to investigate.

Managed Service Nodes + Real Time Node Spin-Up

Don’t worry about your node, we will! It is our job to make sure your node is connected and healthy. 100% up-time assurance for our managed nodes. We do all the work.

For our monitoring plans, if your server goes offline, we immediately alert you & boot up a server on our side to prevent you from getting kick out of the network.

Multi-Node Discount

Have more than 3 nodes? (Monitor + Backup Node Only)

If you have more than 3 nodes that need monitoring + backup node, we offer a discount of $5.00 off per node, per month on all nodes after your 3rd node.

Have more than 1 node? (Managed Plans)

If you have more than 1 nodes that needs our managed node plan, we apply a discount of 25% off your total order!

Refer a friend

If you refer someone to us and they purchase our services, we offer a free “SOS Remote Server Support Session” as a thank you.